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Frequently Asked General Questions


Can I burn yard debris?
Go to the KNOW THE LAW page on the Florida Forest Service page at www.freshfromflorida.com/Divisions-Offices/Florida-FGorest-Service/Wildland-Fire/Fire-Prevention/KNOW-THE-LAW-Before-You-Strike-That-Match-Florida-s-Outdoor-Burning-and-Forest-FireLaws


Where do I get a burn permit, or when do I need a burn permit?
Contact the Florida Forest Service at 863-462-5163 for burn permit and clarification of why & when you need one.


How do I get a fire inspection? FOR A BUSINESS TAX RECEIPT
For a business license, contact the Building Department for an application and they will schedule the Fire Inspector along with the Building Official.
1700 NW 9th Avenue Suite A
Okeechobee Florida, 34972


How do I get a fire inspection? TO RENEW A LICENSE
You may schedule this with the Fire Inspector directly.
Ryan Hathaway – Fire Inspector Training Officer
707 NW 6th Street – Public Safety Complex
Okeechobee, Fl 34972
Phone 863-763—5544 Fax 863-763-4565
Email: rhathaway@co.okeechobee,fl.us


Does the Fire Department fill up swimming pools, or do you know anyone who does and what they charge?
The Fire Department no longer fills pools, and we do not know of anyone who does.


My neighbor has a fire burning something, and I can’t breathe. Who do I call?
If you are having problems breathing, please call 911. They can send someone out to check on you as well as talk to the neighbor about the fire.


Does the Fire Department offer CPR classes? Where can I go to recertify?
You may schedule through the training division directly.
Ryan Hathaway – Fire Inspector Training Officer
707 NW 6th Street – Public Safety Complex
Okeechobee, Fl 34972
Phone 863-763—5544 Fax 863-763-4565
Email: rhathaway@co.okeechobee,fl.us


Who can I talk to about my ambulance bill?
Call 863-763-5544 and ask for billing.


How can I get in touch with the Fire Marshall?
The State Fire Marshall number is 561-681-6389.


How do I become a volunteer?
Please check the county website at www.co.okeechobee.fl.us. You can go to the employment link and download the application, as well as look at the link for the Fire Rescue Employment Interest Card. You may also stop by the Public Safety Complex located at 707 NW 6th Street, and pick up information and applications there.


I need to know where the hurricane shelter is, when it will be open, and do they take pets?
Shelters will open as necessary. They do not take pets. The radio station WOKC and local television will announce openings with times and locations, or you can always call 863-763-3212. The website is www.okeechobeeeoc.com has information as well.


Is there a special needs shelter?
Pre register with the health department at 863-462-5819.


Is there a cold weather shelter? There are local churches that will open shelters as needed. The Red Cross will also open shelters if the temperature is expected to drop to freezing.


Why does a fire truck come when you call for an ambulance?

Fire Trucks are staffed with Paramedics and our also capable of administering Advanced Life Support care. When select types of calls come into the dispatch center that are of a higher chance of needing advanced care, including administration of medications, CPR, and other critical medical interventions the fire engine is dispatched along with the ambulance.


Why do we see fire department crews at the store?
Because the crews work a 24-hour shift they must eat their meals at the station and usually eat as a group. Because the crew must remain together and ready for emergency response at all times, you will see the fire truck or ambulance at the grocery store. It should be noted that the crews pay for their own food.


How often should I change the batteries in my smoke detectors?
We recommend you change the batteries in your smoke detectors each time  you reset your clock due to the time change.